Pick by Vision

The increasing demands in logistics on the employee and the IT solutions needed to support the logistical processes are becoming more and more complex. The aim of a new technology must therefore be to relieve the employee and to make the information important for his work process more easily available to him.

This is exactly the approach we at ADE are pursuing with our new “Pick-by-Vision” solution in intralogistics.

Here, the order picker is provided with all the information that is important to him directly in his field of vision via data glasses. Essential here is the fact that the employee continues to have an eye on his actual work environment and can also react to possible changes in his work environment immediately and without loss of time.

The most important tool we use is the “HoloLens” from data glasses pioneer Microsoft. The exact location of the employee can be recognized by the 4 motion-dependent cameras of the “HoloLens”. The display of the right item in the right place is just one of many pieces of information that the order picker can see in a clear way in his field of vision.

Through intensive discussions with our long-standing “pick-by-light” customers, we were repeatedly asked whether cheaper alternatives to the classic systems that were suitable for “Industry 4.0” could not be imagined.

We now offer you this alternative with our new “Pick-by-Vision” solution

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