Services Mobile Data Acquisition


With our many years of experience, we are experts in integrating modern technologies of mobile data capture into your work processes and IT environments. We have had great success with project implementation in industrial, trade, logistics and administrative sectors. Our team is well trained in the preparation, implementation and support of even the most complex mobility projects. Therefore, we are able to provide the full range of necessary services.


ADE works closely with you in order to determine you system requirements. We show you how to best implement and use wireless technologies within you operations. We are able to eliminate all potential problems in advance, thanks to our detailed documentation of the given workplace.


We analyses the necessary radio coverage for you, while taking all pre-existing WLAN networks into consideration. Creating a migration plan for your mobile technology is included in our range of services. The efficiency of your existing technologies is increased, by integrating a wireless infrastructure into your workflow.


From individual software solutions to our standard product, ADE offers you a diverse spectrum of options in order to fill your requirements.


As a full-service solution provider, ADE can support you in every aspect of the implementation of your WLAN project. We prepare your hardware and software so that you can start working immediately after delivery. We complete your installation on site and offer go-live support.


ADE offers maintenance and management options to ensure you the lowest cost, maximum uptime, ease of use and permanent increase in productivity. In projects we provide a single point of contact – this means that one contact person is available to you for the entire duration of the project. This simplifies and accelerates all processes and ensures a smooth flow of information.

Wireless Infrastructure Services

– Technology courses
– Mobility site assessment
– Proof-of-concept
– RF coverage analysis
– System design
– Mobile application migration
– Staging
– Installation and commissioning
– Wireless infrastructure go-live support
– Advanced Exchange support
– Depot repair
– On Site system support